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Caring for Companies

Best in class corporate services by Taidos

We offer a wide range of services. Find our most common ones below. Contact us for any bespoke services you may need.


  • A company's board of directors is the primary force influencing corporate governance, the structure of rules, practices, and processes used to direct and manage a company. Corporate governance entails the areas of corporate strategy, risk management, ethical behavior, and environmental awareness. It helps companies build trust with investors and the community and as such promotes financial viability.
  • At Taidos, we offer board members to strengthen a Swiss company's good corporate governance, which is important to investors since it shows a company's direction and business integrity. By implementing and promoting good corporate governance, we create business integrity for your local business, based on trust, fairness, transparency, accountability, and responsibility.


  • We give your Swiss company a home and a c/o address so long as you have no need to rent your own office space.

Corporate Governance


  • We facilitate Swiss company formation, administration, and liquidation


  • We provide regular corporate governance health checks to ensure your Swiss company is in good legal standing in line with Swiss law
  • We prepare and organize board and shareholder meetings, incl. AGMs and EGMs
  • We draft board and shareholder meeting minutes and resolutions
  • We draft and maintain your Swiss company's share and UBO registers
  • We prepare, review and sign agreements, contracts, minutes, resolutions, powers of attorney and proxies
  • We take care of the general correspondence with local authorities and local intermediaries such as audit, law, and tax firms, banks, authorities and local insurances


  • We assist you in liquidation procedures.


Accounting Services

  • We prepare your Swiss company's accounting and bookkeeping
  • We prepare monthly / quarterly / semi-annual reporting
  • We prepare financial statements according to Swiss GAAP

Tax Compliance

  • We take care of your Swiss company’s general tax compliance according to Swiss law
  • We prepare and submit corporate income tax returns
  • We prepare and submit VAT returns

Payroll Administration

  • We set-up and administer your Swiss employees’ monthly payroll
  • We take care of the correspondence with social security authorities, insurances and pension fund providers – all in close contact and agreement with our clients
  • We assist with all administrative matters around employment

Inspiring Individuals

Mediation & Coaching by Taidos


  • Mediation is perhaps the most satisfying way for all disputing parties to work out solutions to an existing conflict, e.g., in business relationships, in connection to company succession, conflicts among shareholders, internal company / team conflicts.

Goal of the Mediation

  • Finding an out-of-court solution to the prevailing conflict which is satisfactory to all parties. The solution is recorded by the mediator in form of a binding agreement. With both parties emerging as winners, the solution is viable in the long term. As such, we facilitate long-lasting peace.

Role of the Mediator

  • At Taidos, we accompany the conflicting parties in a structured process towards the constructive settlement of a dispute. Specific questioning techniques used by the mediator reveal topics and underlying interests. The process often results in unexpected and surprising solutions that appear to the parties like true miracles. The mediator represents all parties involved and does not take any decisions. He / she is only responsible for the mediation process.


  • We offer mediational coaching as part of mediation or on a stand-alone basis.
  • Coaching aims to uncover current roadblocks and to identify ways forward resulting in a leveled path for the coachee.
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